You are so long past ready for that fun-in-the-sun vacation, but where to go? Cabo San Lucas has the sun, sand and many fun things to do for singles, couples, and families. At the southern point of Baja California and Mexico (just where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez), Cabo San Lucas brings it all together; sun, sand, cactus, natural scenery, shopping, fine dining … you name it! So, what to do?

    1. Take a Sailing Cruise 

Whether you’re with your best friend or most significant other, sailing cruises are always a sweet way to drink in the beauty of nature. The concierge at your hotel is sure to suggest several types of excursions, including sunset dinner cruises with excellent buffet offerings. Visit the Famous Arch, Lover’s Beach, and Pelican Rock as you watch that big orange ball sink into the ocean.

    1. Snorkeling and SCUBA Diving 

With a handful of hosting agencies from which to choose, snorkeling and SCUBA diving trips are an incredible way to experience the wonder of coral reefs and tropical fish. Snorkeling and SCUBA diving tours vary in length; some include lunch. Visualize the bright sunlight filtering through the beautiful blue-green water, highlighting brightly colored fish and sea life.

    1. Sightseeing on Foot 

Take a stroll through the waterfront marina and enjoy the striking visuals of colorful boats — big and small. Depending on your hotel location, it may be a short walk or taxi (or bus) ride to where the action is, but you’ll find a large assortment of shops, fine dining and local cuisine restaurants, and artisans. The markets are filled with charming stores for purchasing jewelry, clothing, and Mexican souvenirs.

    1. Adventure 

For singles, couples, and families, an “extreme sport” can be a fun thing to do. Whether you prefer skydiving, parasailing, bungee jumping, zip lining, rock climbing, or a day-long hike (just to name a few), part of being on vacation is doing something new and totally different. Whether in the water or in the air, spend a day doing something completely out of the ordinary. Don’t forget to take a lot of photos!

    1. Beach Day 

Or a pool day, if you prefer. But having some downtime is part of what vacationing is all about. You can choose Lover’s Beach, … it’s a 15-minute trip from the marina by boat. Playa del Amante is a beach located in Land’s End, at the Sea of Cortez. Perfect for couples seeking a romantic setting, you can bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the calm waters with your favorite love. Whether it’s in the sand or by the pool, put on some sunscreen and earbuds, grab a towel and a good book. Drink a beer or cocktail (with or without alcohol) and be a bum on your Beach Day. With the sun beating down, those cute little umbrellas in your tropical drink will ensure that you’re not in Kansas anymore! (Or anywhere else with snow).

Cabo San Lucas is an excellent place to recharge those worn-down batteries. Whether you prefer beaches and pools or daily excursions, talk to your hotel’s concierge about offered activities and locations to visit. You’re on vacation! Make the most of it.

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